Meet Our Team

Our Team

Sinéad Grennan

Chief Executive

Sinéad has worked in the dementia field for over 16 years and is a founder of Ireland’s first Alzheimer Café. She is a graduate of Dublin City University, Trinity College Dublin and Georgetown University. She has a diploma in person-centred dementia care from the University of Surrey and is currently studying psychology in University College Dublin.

Tolu Adekoya

Communications and Business Development Executive

Tolu joined Engaging Dementia in 2019. She has a degree in Film and Media from Dublin Business School, also Business Management from The University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Anita Egyed

Accounts Administrator

Anita joined the Engaging Dementia team in 2018 after moving to Ireland from Hungary having also previously lived in London. She has a Masters in Philosophy from Eötvös Lóránd University and several years’ experience working in accounts.

Our Sonas Programme Tutors

Sarah Cairns

Sarah is an Activity Coordinator and has been a Sonas Programme Tutor with Engaging Dementia since 2009. She has a diploma in person-centred dementia care from the University of Surrey.

Harry Crowe

Harry has worked with people living with dementia for over ten years. He has been a Sonas Programme Tutor since 2009.

Harry facilitates weekly Sonas sessions in his workplace as well as training people in the Sonas Programme for Engaging Dementia. He has seen the great benefits for residents in communication using the five senses as part of Sonas sessions and finds it exceptionally rewarding seeing the positive responses from the residents to these sessions.

Margot Hogan

Margot Banville Hogan is a Community Employment Supervisor, managing the training and development of a team of 26. She has a diploma in person-centred dementia care from the University of Surrey and has been a Sonas Programme Tutor Since 2009.

Margot believes that training in the Sonas Programme can enrich the quality and enjoyment of other activities, as the use of structure and repetition is so important to people with dementia. She has learnt that residents with dementia can still learn new material and retain it and this is very obvious in their participation in the Sonas sessions.

Marissa Butler McCarthy

Marissa has been a Sonas Programme tutor since 2009 and also leads our Licence Renewal Training Days. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Limerick and an MSc in Nursing Practice (Dementia) from Dublin City University.


And welcome to our new website. We are excited to announce that Sonas apc has changed its name to Engaging Dementia