Engaging People Living with Dementia in Conversation

All people living with dementia experience changes in their communication abilities.  The stages and sub-types of dementia will impact the person in different ways. Carers and supporters of those living with dementia have an essential role in working to understand the person’s wishes and in  advocating both alongside them, and on their behalf. To maximize the person’s communication potential it is important to understand the nature & degree of the communication impairment and how best to support each person’s interactions

Tutor: This course is developed and delivered by Dr. Suzanna Dooley a speech and language therapist and leading specialist in dementia communication for all healthcare professionals, nurses, and other clinical healthcare staff. She is also a S&L Therapy Researcher in Trinity College.

About the workshop:

This Communication Partner Training focuses on:-

  • increasing knowledge of communication challenges
  • improving insight into the impacts of communication disability
  • teaching ways to compensate for and support communication
  • supporting the decision making and choices of the person with dementia
  • exploring opportunities in the workplace to enhance communication through activities
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