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Our CEO Kim Tully was interviewed on the Saturday Brunch Show on Dublin City FM.

Kim discusses the Skerries Forget Me Not Café, and how Engaging Dementia supports those living with dementia through training, events, and community projects.

Listen here:

Forget Me Not Café is held on the second Wednesday of each month at 11am. Location: Skerries Harps GAA, Dublin Road, Skerries K34 HC89 

For more information on this and other cafes for those living with dementia and their family and supporters,  around Ireland visit:

Click the link above to listen to an engaging and entertaining interview between the hosts of Phoenix FM and Sr. Mary Threadgold and Engaging Dementia CEO Kim Tully. 

Dementia Inclusive Community Garden Project: the perfect solution for your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Engaging Dementia is looking for partners within local communities in Ireland for the Dementia Inclusive Community Garden Project.

If your organisation is looking for new sustainable solutions for its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, while looking to have a strong social impact, this is definitely a project you should consider.

We want to turn existing or new gardens into green spaces that people living with dementia as well as the general public will be able to enjoy and/or garden themselves.

Dementia inclusive gardens will be designed in line with dementia-inclusive principles and universal design, and will provide an accessible and therapeutic space as a focal point within the local community.   

Benefits for the community:

  • Create new or renewed green spaces for the local community to enjoy
  • Spread awareness about dementia inclusion within the local community
  • Create a place where people living with dementia can have regular access to fresh air and exercise while engaging with other people. They will be able to carry out activities which provide gentle sensory and cognitive stimulation, reduce stress and improve orientation to time and place
  • Help people live well with dementia and play an active and valuable role in their community, in a safe and supported environment
  • Create a place where people living in the local community can interact with people living with dementia and dismantle any negative or derogatory stigmas around dementia.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Support social inclusion strategies
  • Contribute to making your community a sustainable one through the creation and improvement of green spaces
  • Create team building and volunteering opportunities for your staff, by encouraging them to participate in gardening activities and to engage with people living with dementia
  • Create opportunities to build trust in your brand at local and national level
  • Invest in a project which in a relatively short period of time will improve the quality of life of those living and working in the local community

If your company wants to know more about the Dementia Inclusive Community Garden Project contact us at 

To celebrate 30 years of supporting those living with dementia and their carers we created this very special video shown below:

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