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Dementia Friendly Gardening Workshop

03 Apr 2020
Dates: Friday 3rd April 2020
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This practical, hands-on workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to support a person with dementia to engage in gardening activities, and maximise the therapeutic benefits of nature and gardening for them.

It includes a demonstration of potting and planting, the presentation of a wide range of dementia friendly plants, and discussion about how to choose the right plant for each activity. The gardening activities are designed for Irish weather and can be carried out indoors if required.

The benefits of dementia-friendly garden activities

  • Provides gentle sensory, social and cognitive stimulation
  • Increases well being, reduces stress, and improves orientation to time and place
  • Provides opportunities to enjoy the therapeutic effects of nature
  • Reminds a person of familiar roles and memories
  • Helps maintain flexibility and muscle tone

Learning Outcomes

  1. Familiarity with the key principles underpinning dementia friendly gardening
  2. How to prepare and carry out potting and planting activities with a person with dementia
  3. Choosing plants that are dementia friendly and fit for purpose
  4. Maximising the sensory and therapeutic benefits of nature and gardening, and using the garden to maintain flexibility and muscle tone
  5. Using gardening and engagement with nature to increase well being, reduce stress and improve orientation to time and place