Sonas Programme Training – Galway/Cork: 8th Mar


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Dates: Starting 8th Mar 2024 | Timings: 9.30am to 4.30pm 

  • Day 1 – 8th March 2024 (Online)
  • Day 2 – 12th April 2024 (Online)
  • Day 3 – 10th May 2024  (in-person)

The Sonas Programme is a therapeutic activity delivered as group and individual sessions for people with mid to late stage dementia. The sessions involve stimulation of all five senses, gentle physical exercise, quality engagement and relaxation.

  • Day 1 & 2 involves training to deliver the Sonas Individual Multisensory Session (SIMS) and Sonas Relaxing Individual Session.
  • Day 3 involves training to deliver the Sonas Group Session.

SIMS: The aim is to provide a socially and cognitively stimulating activity that maximizes opportunities for engagement and communication. It is especially helpful for a person who finds group situations stressful and confusing, or whose behaviour is difficult for others to understand or positively respond to.

Relaxing Individual Session: The aim here is to Relax, Relate and Communicate with the person living with dementia. The session creates a relaxing, interactive environment which facilitates communication through music and touch. People who experience agitation and restlessness often especially enjoy this quiet, relaxing session. The soft music and gentle massage of hands, shoulders and head can reduce a person’s confusion, irritation and anxiety.

The Sonas Programme provides the practitioner with:

  • Evidence-based tools to evaluate the programme and measure impact over time.
  • The opportunity to individualize the programme to each individual, bringing in different objects to trigger memories and stimulate conversation and laughter.
  • A specialized Engagement Hub providing access to a network of peers.



Disclaimer: The scheduled course/workshop is run based on a minimum number of attendees. Engaging Dementia reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course in the event of unforeseen circumstances or insufficient numbers. Places are offered on a first come first serve basis and places cannot be guaranteed until confirmation full payment of course fees is received.
*Should a person not attend any day of the course, they may choose to attend that day of another course for a fee of €60 per training day.
*Attendees must make sure that they will be available to attend all 3 days before booking on a Sonas course.
NMBI Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) – 11

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