Sonas Online Training – Level 1 (SL1.10)

10 Sep 2021
Time: 9am to 4pm
Dates: Day 1 - Fri 10th Sept, Day 2 - Fri 8th Oct
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Sonas Level 1: Two day online course. This involves training to deliver the Sonas Individual Multisensory Session and Sonas Individual Relaxing Session

Upon completion of Level 1, a person is certified to carry out Sonas Individual sessions. The new course configuration will involve the same learning outcomes as the previous course.

SIMS: The aim is to provide a socially and cognitively stimulating activity that maximises opportunities for engagement and communication. It is especially helpful for a person who finds group situations stressful and confusing, or whose behaviour is difficult for others to understand or positively respond to.

Relaxing Individual Session: The aim here is to Relax, Relate and Communicate with the person living with dementia. The session creates a relaxing, interactive environment which facilitates communication through music and touch. People who experience agitation and restlessness often especially enjoy this quiet, relaxing session. The soft music and gentle massage of hands, shoulders and head can reduce a person’s confusion, irritation and anxiety.

Attendees must make sure that they will be available to attend both days highlighted above before booking on a Sonas course.

The Sonas Level 1 course is certified by Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI)

NMBI Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) – 11



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