Sonas Online Training – Level 1 (SL1.5)

12 Mar 2021
Time: 9am to 4pm
Dates: Day 1 - Fri 12th March, Day 2 - Fri 16th April
Venue: View Map

Level 1: Two day online course. This involves training to deliver the Sonas Individual Multisensory Session and Sonas Individual Relaxing Session

Upon completion of Level 1, a person is certified to carry out Sonas Individual sessions. Upon completion of Level 2, a person is also certified to carry out the Sonas Group Session. The new course configuration will involve the same learning outcomes as the previous course.

Sonas Programme Kit: Please note, you will need to purchase a Sonas Programme Kit before commencing day one in order to complete the work-based learning needed to fulfill the course.

Attendees must make sure that they will be available to attend both days highlighted above before booking on a Sonas course.