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It is widely recognised that older people, particularly those affected by memory loss, can engage and communicate very successfully if the conversation sparks a memory from their past and they are given the opportunity to recall the details of that memory.

Reminiscence is the practice of improving communication with older people by engaging them in conversation using sensory stimuli as triggers to spark memories. Talking about the present can be very stressful for people with short term memory loss.  Reminiscence is a way to comfortably travel back to the older person’s past and allows them to share their memories of life when they were younger.

This resource has been written by Karen Meenan in collaboration with Engaging Dementia. In it Karen shares her experience of reminiscence and how it enabled her family to help her mother experience fun and joy in the years following a diagnosis with Alzheimer’s.

It will be available as a free downloadable booklet

It has been produced thanks to sponsorship from Home Instead Senior Care Ballsbridge

Finding the Fun in Dementia

How reminiscence can be a shared activity at home


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