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Dementia Friendly Gardens

The Dementia Friendly Garden Team comprising Engaging Dementia, Newtown Saunders and TrinityHaus, offers a dementia friendly garden consulting service for care homes and community groups to turn their outdoor spaces into Dementia Friendly Garden.

There is strong evidence that gardens and gardening can be particularly beneficial for people living with dementia.
When outdoor spaces are welcoming and accessible, people with dementia and their carers have positive interactions, facilitating them to maintain their independence and engage in meaningful occupation as well as enhancing their health and wellbeing.

The consultation process involves:

1. Garden Visit From DFG Team
The Dementia Friendly Garden Team (Newtown Saunders, TrinityHaus and Engaging Dementia) will visit your garden.

2. Evaluation
The DFG Team will evaluate the needs of the residents and staff.

3. Design
The DFG Team will design a garden to suit the needs of the residents and staff.

4. Plans and Report
The DFG team will provide a set of plans for the garden and an accompanying report to explain the plans in detail.

This service is managed by Clive Jones of Newtown Saunders. For more information contact Clive at clive.jones@newtownsaunders.ie


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