Dementia Inclusive Walking Tour

About the Tour: “Dublin Decoded are thrilled to be working with Engaging Dementia to provide a very special dementia inclusive tour around one of Dublin’s most famous landmarks – St. Stephen’s Green. We are creating this tour with the special consideration given to ensuring we explore at a leisurely pace to appreciate the richness of the surroundings, and with various resting points factored in along the way. If we have a larger group, audio equipment will be provided so that all attendees can clearly hear our guide each step of the way. The route will bring us on a complete walking circuit around all four sides of Saint Stephen’s Green, Dublin’s first and greatest residential square, laid out all the way back in the 1600s. We’ll look at 400 years of spectacular architecture, change and evolution, talking about everything from schools, hospitals, former, now-forgotten museums, to collages, churches, chapels and huge aristocratic 18th century mansions. All of us at Dublin Decoded look forward to welcoming you on what will be a spectacular tour experience”.

About Dublin Decoded: Dublin Decoded is a small firm that specialises in historical and architectural walking tours of Dublin, led by local historian Arran Henderson. Arran leads tours for many universities, academic, cultural and conservation organisations including the National Gallery of Ireland; Trinity College Medical School, and the Irish Georgian Society. Arran’s focus is to use buildings as a way to understand history and culture.

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