Exploring the Nursing Home Universe

Discover, Design and Deliver Evidence-Based Activity Programmes

If you are an Activity Coordinator, or someone working with older persons within a care setting, this course will teach you how to create unique activity programs that are “out of this world”!

Your tutor Ciarán Murray is a qualified Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist who works with activity coordinators to design effective and achievable evidence-based activity programmes.

The course comprises of three workshops:

  1. Universal Laws – Understand the Activity Coordinator role and responsibilities, HIQA National Standards for Older Persons, Legislation, HSE and organization policy
  2. Journey through the Constellations – Collaborate with residents so you may design your evidence-based Individual and Group Activity Programmes
  3. Shoestring Theory – How to create an effective Individual and Group Activity Programmes from a shoestring budget.
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