Sonas Level I Course (Online)

Carers who are supporting people with dementia can apply to do the 2-day Sonas Course (Level I).

The Sonas Course is carried out by skilled healthcare professionals who have significant dementia expertise and experience. The courses are currently held online, with numbers limited to maximise learning. They can also be delivered as an inhouse training.

The Sonas Level I Course is certified by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI), with Category 1 accrediation (19 CEU points). It is suitable for Activity Co-ordinators, Care assistants, nurses, Allied Health professionals, and others caring for with people with dementia.

The course takes place on two days over a 7-week period. Work-based learning is also an integral part of the training.

“Very informative and enjoyable course”

Cheryl McKeon, Anam Cara, FOLD Ireland

Sonas Level I Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Sonas Course, the Activity Co-ordinators, nurses, carers and other participants:

  • Are familiar with the different types of dementia
  • Understand the role of feelings and the senses in communication
  • Have acquired different communication strategies
  • Have acquired the skills to carry out Sonas Individual Multi-sensory (SIMS) and the Relaxing Individual Session
  • Have had practical experience of delivering and evaluating all three types of Sonas Session
  • Have a toolbox of evaluation to measure impact and tailor the programme to individuals
  • Have carried out an information session in their workplace to familiarise their peers with Sonas
  • Have become part of a nationwide network of Sonas Programme Licensed Practitioners, all of whom are skilled to carry out the Sonas therapeutic activity in their group setting

Upon completion of the Sonas Level I Course, participants are certified as Sonas Programme (Level I) Licensed Practitioners (SPLPs) with a license valid for two years. License renewal involves training, either through an eModule or a refresher training day.

“I learnt a lot about how to use the different types of Sonas Sessions to suit different clients. The Sonas Course was excellent.”

Frances Byrne, Carer,
Home Instead Senior Care (Wexford)

Renewal of the Sonas Licence

Sonas eModule

The Sonas eModule was written with the support of Dublin City University’s eLearning team. The Sonas eModule is designed to provide the Sonas Programme Licensed Practitioner (SPLP) with refresher dementia and Sonas Programme training and encourages reflective learning. It takes just 2-3 hours to complete and refreshes the SPLP’s knowledge and skills. It is easy to complete, with a step-by-step guide and short video. The Engaging Dementia training team can be contacted by phone or email if the Sonas Licensed Practitioner has any difficulties with the Sonas eModule.

Moodle, the elearning platform through which the Sonas eModule is delivered, also has an SPLP forum and resources for Sonas group and individual sessions.

Sonas Licence Renewal Training Day

The Activity Co-ordinators, nurses, Allied Health professionals, care assistants, and other carers who undertake this training will have already completed the 3-day Sonas Course and the Sonas eModule in the previous two year Sonas Licence training cycles.

The 1-day Sonas Licence Renewal Training Day (SLRD) is focused on building on the Sonas Programme Licensed Practitioner’s (SPLP) skills. It is based on the practice development learning method, with skillful facilitation to enable attendees to reflect on their own practice and share their experiences of carrying out Sonas Group, Sonas Individual Multisensory (SIMS) and Relaxing Individual Sessions. It is a forum for troubleshooting and learning. Time is also devoted to how SPLPs are documenting the Sonas sessions and whether it is being done in a way that best meets the needs of the people who take part in Sonas sessions.

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