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A dementia cafe is a support for people who are living with dementia and their families. Dementia cafe meetings provide people with an opportunity to share experiences and get reliable information on dementia care and supports.

A dementia cafe meeting is open to anyone who is affected by dementia. All types of people attend. They include people who have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, their families and carers, healthcare workers, and people involved in community supports.

The four core elements of the dementia cafe are: Atmosphere, Support, Information and Community. A dementia cafe is run by a voluntary steering committee.

Face-to-face and virtual dementia cafe meetings

A dementia cafe meeting usually lasts one to two hours. It includes time for chatting with other attendees and the volunteers who run the cafe. There is also a short talk by a guest speaker on an aspect of dementia. Examples of topics are: Legal issues and dementia, How memory difficulties can affect everyday life, Nutrition and dementia.

There are face-to-face and virtual dementia cafe meetings. Face-to-face dementia cafe meetings are held at the same time and in the same place every month. Virtual dementia cafe meetings are held online. There is no need to book if you would like to attend a dementia cafe meeting, and no attendance fee.

To find out the dates, times and contact details for dementia cafes that are registered with the Irish Dementia Cafe Network, go to the Cafe Finder on

Irish Dementia Cafe Network

The Irish Dementia Cafe Network provides resources for start-up dementia cafe groups, and facilitates learning and networking for its member dementia cafes. It also holds free information sessions and free How to set up a dementia cafe workshops. The network is co-ordinated by Engaging Dementia, with funding from the National Dementia Office.

The National Dementia Office (NDO) was established in 2015 to oversee the implementation of the Irish National Dementia Strategy. It commissioned Engaging Dementia to establish an Irish Dementia Cafe Network in 2019, as part of the NDO’s Post-Diagnostic Support Pathway Project.

Find your nearest dementia cafe

To find information on dementia cafe meetings in your area and details of virtual dementia cafe meetings, go to the Cafe Finder on

Or go to the Service Finder on

Contact Engaging Dementia

Engaging Dementia co-ordinates the Irish Dementia Cafe Network.

For more information on dementia cafes, the Irish Dementia Cafe Network and network activities, go to

Call us at 01 2608138 or email

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