Can You See What I See? by Caroline Hyland


For with both young and old in the community, to start conversations and inspire all to see people that live with dementia as valued citizens and support them to remain engaged, feel included, and live well.



The ‘Can You See What I See?’ book promotes living well with dementia and advocates for a society to see the person first and not the disease. It is strongly informed by listening to people with dementia, and to those who support them, their families, friends and the medical professionals.

It can be shared with both young and old in your communities, with your family and friends, students and work colleagues to start conversations and inspire all to see people that live with dementia as valued citizens and support them to remain engaged, feel included and live well in their communities.

The book is 40 pages and includes 12 full colour hand painted illustrations. Each picture is accompanied by text that tells a story and offers the reader some suggestions to supporting a person living with Dementia. The practical things we can all do, which may have a positive effect on a person’s day. I also share my own story, my personal interest in dementia and my passionate belief to see the person behind a diagnosis.

The book developed from a solo art exhibition in Tallaght University Hospital in 2017 which was supported and funded by the Adelaide Health Foundation (AHF), The Meath Foundation and National Centre for Arts and Health. It toured to a number of venues over the last number of years. Also a full series of the ‘Can You See What I See?’ framed art prints with accompanying text were purchased by the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin and by Tallaght University Hospital. Through additional financial support from the AHF it was possible to share the work further through artist’s talks, presentations and art workshops for the HSE, Trinity College and at the Engaging Dementia 10th International Dementia conference in 2018. I am delighted that this funding also gave me an opportunity to develop and design a book as a resource for all.

Please feel free to contact Caroline Hyland if you have any questions.


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