Sonas® Programme Kit


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This kit is a compact boxset kit that contains 7 CDs, laminates and a bean bag. It is for use only by those who have been trained and certified by Engaging Dementia in the delivery of the Sonas Programme.


This boxset contains 7 CDs abd a USB stick:

The 7 CDs are:

  • Group Session 1
  • Group Session 2
  • Group Session 3
  • SIMS 1 & SIMS 2
  • Relaxing Individual Session
  • Outline Sessions Group & SIMS

The USB stick contains all 7 CDs in MP3 format and the following pdf documents:

  • Sonas Programme User Guide
  • Reasons for inclusion
  • Checklist for setting up a group
  • Safety & Other Consideration Assessment
  • Sonas Group Record Sheet
  • Threadgold Communication Tool (TCT)
  • Individual Relaxing Session Evaluation Form
  • Singalong lyrics



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